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"Our mission is simple, to try and help ease the minds of people in their home or business"

About us


Past Investigations

"We Hunt" Paranormal has been to some high profile cases across the country including places out of Massachusetts like Eastern State Penitentiary, Waverly Hills Sanatorium,  some places in MA include the Lizzie borden house, the USS Salem and the victorian mansion with many future investigations already in the works!


Equipment used

WHP does not rely on fancy technology, we use basic but effective tools for our ghost hunts. We use  video cameras, K2 meters, Voice recorders, and EMF detectors. New equipment comes into us frequently and we are excited to test them out!


What To Expect

Investigations are always 100% free! we conduct every investigation in a friendly, professional manner, and will make sure we answer every and all questions, and go over all aspects of the evidence we capture.

Meet our team!



Andrew is the founder of WHP, he has had an interest in the Paranormal since he was 6 years old after he had an experience of his own and that led to what he created today with WHP, his goal is to continue researching the paranormal and help as many people and "spirits" as he can

Brian-Lead investigator


Brian is the lead investigator of WHP and is Andrews older Brother, he has been part of WHP from the very start and has a very strong interest and respect for the paranormal, he is part of the core and heart of this team. he also has been experiencing paranormal occurrences from a very young age and can relate with Andrew as they grew up together.

Our team continued!



Kristen is someone WHP is very happy to have on the team, she respects the Paranormal and loves what she does, she brings a strong passion to the team!

The Team


WHP has a great group of Paranormal experts who love what they do and and have a very high level of respect for the paranormal who all have the same goal and thats to help as many people as they can! please feel free to reach out to the group, or request to contact individual members of the group


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south shore, Massachusetts, United States

617-797-9586 andrew@wehuntparanormal.com


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